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Losing teeth not only affects the physical appearance of your smile but can also impact your confidence too.

However, there is a solution – partial or full dentures.

Full or Partial Dentures, What’s The Process?

Dentures come in partial or full sets, and can be taken out when you wish.

Custom-made, these denture sets give you a comfortable, secure fit, allowing you to smile, talk, and eat without worrying about gaps in your teeth.

When there has been significant tooth loss, a full denture may be required to replace all of your natural teeth. For this denture to be fitted, any remaining teeth will need to be removed.

In contrast, partial dentures will only replace some teeth, leaving any natural ones in their original place.

We will take a mold of your mouth to create customized dentures. We will offer ongoing care to ensure the best results are achieved and you enjoy optimal oral health at all times.