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The ‘Clear’ Way to Improve Your Smile.

At Rosetta Dental, we understand that teeth play a huge role in self-confidence. We also understand that not everyone can tolerate traditional braces.

Clear Aligners are an advanced technology designed to give you the smile you’ve always wanted, without the hassle of having metal in your mouth. To help you get a more beautiful smile, Clear Aligners use a series of customized, clear, removable trays to gradually move your teeth into a straighter smile. Each tray is worn for approximately one week and then switched for a new tray that is slightly different in shape to move teeth comfortably into position. Worried about how long it might take? Good news – the average treatment time is about 6 months!

Made to Fit Your Lifestyle, Not Change it.

Are you an active person? Have no fear! Since Clear Aligners work without metal brackets and wires, the smooth, comfortable trays are specifically designed to fit your lifestyle. No need to worry about sitting out for certain activities due to braces, in fact, Rosetta Dental strongly encourages our patients to be active and enjoy life! So go ahead – wear your trays wherever your heart desires!

Clear Aligners Changes Lives

Clear Aligners changes lives one tray at a time. At Rosetta Dental, we are here to help you turn your smile into a work of art! No matter your age, Clear Aligners are for everyone. You are NEVER too old to treat yourself to a new smile, and ultimately, to a new life. With dozens of success stories, it is easy to see why people choose Clear Aligners.